Reset the BlueAnt Q2

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Before you reset your BlueAnt device, it is important to first remove the pairing information from your phone and refresh your phone's memory:

  1. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone.
  2. Delete any pairing information associated with your BlueAnt device.
  3. Now switch your phone off, wait for a few seconds, and then switch it back on again.
Now you are ready to reset your BlueAnt device:
  1. To reset your Q2 it must be switched on but not connected to any phones.
  2. You should already have deleted the pairing information from your phone, but if you have not, use your phone's Bluetooth menu to disconnect from the Q2 and delete the pairing information.
  3. Now reset the Q2 by clicking "Vol +", "Vol -" and the Multi-Function Button together. Note: You need to quickly click and release all three buttons together at the same time (do not hold down the buttons).
  4. The Q2 will refresh its memory, delete all current pairing information and automatically go into pairing mode.

You will now need to re-pair your phone with your Q2.