iPhone 5 Wideband Audio issues with the Q3

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Some users of wideband headsets, including Q3 users, have what appears to be a disconnection issue during a call when using an iPhone5.

This issue is actually the result of the wideband audio on the iPhone stopping audio being transferred.

If you swap the audio source to the iPhone and back to the headset the issue corrects itself.
This issue is also experienced on Plantronics, Motorola and other competitors’ wideband headsets when using the iPhone5. A quick search of Apple’s, and our competitors’ forums, will show a lot of activity in this area.

UPDATE: A new firmware version is now available to workaround the iPhone5 disconnection/wideband issue.

Please click here to download the update. You will be prompted to register your BlueAnt device first.

This workaround is designed as a temporary measure until Apple resolve the issue.